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Add: No 207, Sec 1, Dongning Road, Zhudong Town , Hsinchu County, Taiwan(新竹縣竹東鎮東寧路一段207號)
Tel: 03-5100571 0960-654366

◎Distance Bus

*Taipei to Zhudong
1. Go to Taipei Bus Station (
2. Find Kuo-Kuang Bus Ticket Window on the ground floor (American call 1st floor) which sell Taipei-Zhudong (some spell Jhudong, Chudong) , maybe No. 28 window, the fare is NT$140.
3. Upstair to 1st floor (Americans call 2nd floor) to find the correct waiting line to get on the bus.
4. Tell the driver you'll get off on Zhudong Bus Station, notify you while arriving.
5. Sleep or enjoy Taiwan non-city scenary around 1hr 40min.
6. Driver call you and wake up. Get off. Remember taking your belongs.
7. Zhudong Bus Station address is: No 275, Sec 1, Dongning Road, Zhudong Town.
Suku is at the same road No 207, so near !
Just walk 1~3 min.
8. You get Suku! Smart!

1. Get off at Hsinchu Railway Station.
2. Walk out of the railway station and turn left, find Hsinchu Bus Staion.
3. At ticket window, tell the staff you'll go to Shia Gung Guan and get a ticket, the fare is NT$53.
4. Get on Hsinchu-Shia Gung Guan Line bus. Give the driver the ticket and tell him you'll drop off at Dongning Market.
5. After 40min, get off at Dongning Market. Walk back about 200~300m, You Get Suku ! Smart!



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